Trails n Tales from Nebraska

We spent several days exploring Nebraska, seeing sites, and having adventures!  You can click on the links below to see what we've been up to!  You can also read more about our adventures in "Trail Tales" which is my trip diary!  (It is in the menu on the left side of the page.)
Nebraska (NE)
Became the 37th state on
March 1, 1867

Capital: Lincoln
Largest City: Omaha
Nickname: The Cornhusker State
Motto: Equality before the law
State Song: Beautiful Nebraska
     by Jim Fras
          Guy G Miller

Presidential Birthplace of our 38th President, Gerald Randolph Ford (July 14, 1913)
State Bird: Western Meadowlark
State Flower: Goldenrod
State Tree: Cottonwood
State Mammal: White-Tailed Deer
State Fish: Channel Catfish
State Fossil: Mammoth
State Insect: Honeybee
State Grass: Little Bluestem
State Rock: Prairie Aget
State Gemstone: Blue Chalcedony
State Soil: Holdrege
State Beverage: Milk
State Soft Drink: Kool-Aid
State River: Platte River
State American Folk Dance:
     Square Dance