Trails n Tales from Idaho

Idaho has many historic and scenic byways to explore and we did our best to see as many as possible!
Idaho (ID)
Became the 43rd State on 
July 3, 1890.

Capital: Boise
Largest City: Boise
Nickname: The Gem State
Motto: May It Endure Forever
State Song: Here We Have Idaho
           by Albert J. Tompkins
                McKinley Helm
                Sallie Hume-Douglas  
State Bird: Mountain Bluebird
State Raptor: Peregrine Falcon
State Horse: Appaloosa
State Fish: Cutthroat Trout
State Insect: Monarch Butterfly
State Fossil: Hagerman Horse
State Flower: Syringa
State Tree: Western White Pine
State Grass: Western Wheatgrass 
State Soil: Threebear
State Gemstone: Idaho Star Garnet
State Fruit: Huckleberry
State Vegetable: Potatoe