Trails n Tales from Nevada


Some basic information on the state of Nevada

Nevada (NV)
Became the 36th state on
October 31, 1864

Capital: Carson City
Largest City: Las Vegas

Nickname: Silver State
                    Sagebrush State
Motto: All for Our Country
State Song: "Home Means Nevada"
          By: Mrs. Bertha Raffetto
State Animal - desert bighorn sheep
State Artifact - Tule duck decoy
State Bird - mountain bluebird
State Colors - silver and blue
State Fish - Lahontan cutthroat trout
State Flower - sagebrush
State Fossil - Ichthyosaur
State Gemstone - Virgin Valley 
                                Black fire opal
State Grass - Indian rice grass
State March - "Silver State Fanfare"
                    by Gerald Willis
State Metal - silver
State Reptile - desert tortoise
State Rock - sandstone
State Semi-Precious Gemstone -
     Nevada turquoise
State Soil - Orovada soil series
State Tree 1 - single-leaf pinon 
State Tree 2 - bristlecone pine
Origin of Name: Nevada is from the Spanish word meaning "snowcapped."

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Trails n Tales From Nevada