The Old Oregon Trail

Mom says we will leave Oklahoma and travel through Kansas to Topeka where we will pick up the route of the Old Oregon Trail, following it through Nebraska and Wyoming.  Then we will detour from it at the Idaho - Wyoming border to explore some of northern Utah and southern Idaho.  From there we will be spending time with family and friends in both Oregon and California.  After that we will cross Nevada to explore southern Utah  and see southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico before returning home.  It's going to be a long trip!  Listed below are some of the places we are hoping to see!  (Some of them have links to pages where you can find out more information, such as the National Park Service or Byways of America.  Just click on the link and have fun exploring!)


Guernsey State Park - skipped
Oregon Trail Ruts National Landmark
Register Cliff
Ayre's Park and Natural Bridge
Independence Rock
Devil's Gate
Split Rock
Three Crossings - skipped
Ice Slough
Sinks Canyon State Park - skipped


Area 51
     Maybe we'll see some UFO's!   I wonder if creatures besides humans ever get abducted by aliens??  Do you think there is such a thing as fur balls on other planets?  (Hmmmm.  I think maybe I've been watching too many episodes of the X-Files with mom!)


New Mexico

Chama - skipped
Taos - skipped
Clayton - skipped