Trails n Tales from Utah

We started our exploration of Utah with a brief drive and stay in the  North Eastern part of the state.  We will explore more of Utah when we head for home and traverse the Southern part of the state. 
Utah (UT)
Became the 45th State on 
January 4, 1896 .

Capital: Salt Lake City
Largest City: Salt Lake City
Nickname: Beehive State 
Motto: Industry
State Song: Utah, This Is The Place
           by Sam & Gary Francis
State Hymn: Utah, We Love Thee
           by Evan Stephens
State Bird: California Sea Gull
State Flower: Sego Lily
State Tree: Blue Spruce
State Fruit: Cherry
State Vegetable: Spanish Sweet
State Mammal: Rocky Mountain Elk 
State Fish: Bonneville Cutthroat 
State Dinosaur:
State Insect: Honeybee
State Fossil: Allosaurus
State Grass: Indian Rice Grass
State Rock: Coal
State Mineral: Copper
State Gemstone: Topaz
State Soil: Mivida
State Dance: Square Dance
State Cooking Pot: Dutch Oven
State Star: Dubhe