Trails n Tales from Kansas

We traveled through beautiful rolling hills and saw lots of cornfields waving in the wind!  Mom got off on a couple of dirt roads and the runner that was nice and clean before we left is filthy!  We stopped and explored two places.  Click on the links below to see what we saw!
Kansas (KS)
Became the 34th state on
January 29, 1861

Capital: Topeka
Largest City: Wichita

Nickname: The Sunflower State
Motto: To the stars through 
State Song: "Home On The Range"
     by: Brewster Higley 
           Dan Kelley
State Bird: Western Meadowlark
State Reptile: Ornate Box Turtle
Insect: Honeybee 
State Flower: Native Sunflower 
State Tree: Cottonwood
State Mammal: American Buffalo
State Fish:
State Amphibian: Barred Tiger
State Soil: Harney Silt Loam

Origin of Name: From the Konza  Indians who lived in the area.  They were also called Kansa or Kaw.