Trails n Tales from California

Some basic information on the state of California

California (CA)
Became the 31st State on 
September 9, 1850.

Capital: Sacramento 
Largest Cities: Los Angeles
                           San Diego
                           San Francisco 
Nickname: The Golden State
Motto: Eureka (I Have Found It)
State Song: I Love You, California
           by F.B. Silverwood
State Bird: California Valley Quail 
State Reptile: Desert Tortoise
State Insect: California Dogface
State Flower:  California Poppy
State Tree: Redwood
                            Coast Redwood
                            Giant Redwood
State Mammal: Grizzly Bear
State Marine Mammal: Gray Whale
State Fish: Golden Trout
State Marine Fish: Garibaldi
State Fossil: Sabertooth Tiger
State Rock: Serpentinite
State Mineral: Gold
State Grass: Purple Needlegrass
State Gemstone: Benitoite
State Soil: San Joaquin
State Dance: West Coast Swing
State Folk Dance: Square Dance     

We saw some beautiful cournty and had a lot of fun in California!  We got together with mom's niece at Lassen Park and spent several great days with her.  Then we moved on to June Lake on the East side of the Yosemite area and met up with more family.  We spent a week with them and had lots of fun and adventures!
Mount Shasta
Black Butte

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